The Snr. Presbyter

Pastor Obed

Pastor Obed Obeng-Addae

Men who matter to generations, by divine election and appointment, in leading God’s people unto a perfect man in Christ; are those who believe that the prominent feature of their salvation is not only the act of being saved, but more, to answer the high calling of serving Christ as their Lord.

Pastor Obed Obeng-Addae, the senior Presbyter of Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated is a dissertation of such a fulfillment.

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Our Presbyters

Pastor Reginald Kang-Milung

Pastor Reginald Kang-Milung is a contemporary seasoned man of God whose desire is to make God’s inspired and eternal Word real in our day-to-day life experience. He has brought transformation and hope to many lives. Pastor Reggie, as he is affectionately called, is a man of uncommon faith and insight into the word of God.

Having been in the ministry for over five years, he is now a Notable Presbyter of Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated who is the resident pastor of the kumasi network as well as being in charge of the commission’s reach in the northern sector of Ghana. All who hear commend him for the depth of his communication. He preaches the word of God with such in-depth knowledge and clarity that, all are edified by his ministrations. Pastor Reginald serves as the Registrar for School of the Word and the Presbyter in charge of Services and Schools Outreach ministries.

Pastor Reggie is married to Pastor Sitso with whom he has two lovely  daughters.

Pastor Brenda Obeng-Addae

With a strong and unique prophetic unction, Pastor Brenda Obeng-Addae has over the years become a huge influence in the lives of her hearers and the generation at large. She reaches out directly to the hearts of her listeners with the word of God in a unique style. With colourful illustrations of life, coupled with her cutting-edge insight in the word of God and refreshing sense of humour, she teaches and inspires many souls.

Pastor Brenda is a phenomenal teacher and is significantly acknowledged for her rare grace of supernatural wisdom which accompanies her part in the ministry in family and marital life. With her wholesome teachings and hands-on counselling on daily basis, she brings soothing healing and health to singles, married couples and families. This trait of love for God and man has endeared her to many people as mother, sister, friend and ultimately, a Pastor.

Pastor Brenda as the first lady of the commission is the mother of exuberant Bezaleel and Phoebe-Urim. She’s the presbyter in charge of Cosmopolitan Care Unit, Telephone Ministry, Translation Ministry and the Communication Arts Ministry of this great commission.

Pastor Joseph Oduro-Ofori

Pastor Joseph Oduro-Ofori is a gracious ministry gift with yearning passion for the miraculous and the supernatural. He is a healing minister graced with awesome healing proofs both in word and power. Under his ministration, the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached.

With cutting-edge conviction, he ministers Truths from the Word bringing the reality of God’s dream in the life of his hearers. As a gifted minstrel, his ministration is an established hallmark in the commission and brings alive great songs of the spirit bred from the ovens of heaven.

He serves as a Presbyter in charge of the Drama and Music ministries of the Commission where he inspires members to high standards of creativity. He also pastors Pistis Mustard Seed on KNUST campus, Kumasi.

He is married to the ever-gracious Pastor Mavis with whom he’s blessed with two daughters. He currently works as head of Operations at Administrative Office of CCI.

Pastor Mavis Oduro-Ofori

Pastor Mavis Oduro-Ofori, affectionately called Pastor May, is an ever shining priceless Minister of God in these last days and a Presbyter of the CCI Commission. Her impeccable passion in causing the beauty of God in every vessel of His to come alive makes her very unique. Her way of life is love that flows freely, influencing everyone around her.

Her desire is to touch the world with the power of God, raising them to fulfill the exact purpose of God for their lives. Pastor May ministers with such convicting grace; with strength of a man demonstrating the power of God. She believes strongly that nothing is impossible; thus proving the rareness of her grace in the prophetic and the miraculous.

Pastor May is the Presbyter in charge of the Child Care Ministry (CCM) and Jesus Touching Kids (JTK). She is happily married to Pastor Joseph Oduro-Ofori and their union is divinely blessed with two beautiful daughters. Together, they are an effectual tool in the hand of God.

Pastor David Antwi-Adjei

Pastor David with a gripping compassion for the lost and passionate desire for the Word to be revealed to all men, stands as a mighty pillar in this commission.

As a Presbyter, Pastor David spearheads the local and International Missionary operations of the Commission and also in charge of the Hands of Christ Ministry. He is a man who lives the Word of God and fully preaches the gospel; revealing the love of Christ accompanied with signs and wonders.

On one hand, the Evangelist is gifted with a rare anointed therapeutic sense of humour which he exudes in demystifying mysteries in the Word and also enlivening his hearers. On the other hand, his sheer exhibition and life of faith is nothing short of audacity, a challenge to flesh and the devil. He is held in much regard by hearers who esteem this grace to simply inspire faith in their heart as unique.

Pastor David is a purpose-driven man who exceptionally exhibits a passion for God that is simply contagious. He recognizes his place not merely as one called but also a gift to the body of Christ.He is married to Ps. Dr. Margaret Antwi-Adjei and both have been blessed with three adorable sons, Nyamesem, Yitshar and Johanan.

Pastor Philomena Effah

As part of the four Pastors who pioneered this great Commission, Pastor Philomena Effah has been a part of the invincible force of Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated (C.C.I) since its inception. Her ministry for the past eight years is accompanied with the multiplying effect of the great Grace of God.

Pastor Philo as she is affectionately called is presently a Presbyter in the CCI Commission. She stands as the Presbyter in charge of Protocol and Flora-Fauna Ministries and also the Pneuma Haqodesh Mustard Seed. She serves in a sensitive position as Pastor with oversight of the financial operations and investment holdings of the commission, which she fulfils with the wisdom of God and her wealth of knowledge in banking and finance.

Her lively disposition in the Commission makes her a warm person to be around; her way of expressing the life and love of God to as many as she meets. In addition, her lifestyle of service expresses her commitment to helping others.

Pastor Philo is happily married to Pastor Ernest Effah, a pastor of the Commission.

Pastor Daniel Kusi-Boateng

With close to five years of ministry behind him, Pastor Daniel Kusi–Boateng is today a voice in proclaiming the realities of the new creation and the mystery of Christ to his generation and beyond. Pastor Danny as he is affectionately called has a dynamic way of communicating the gospel, thereby conveying to many the vital experience of God’s love in its freshness and glory.
He is known for teaching God’s word in a fresh, practical and revelatory way that always reveals the depth of the mystery of Christ and the glorious uniqueness of the new creation in Christ to God’s eternal purpose and plan. His humorous, passionate and engaging style of preaching has also endeared him to wide spectrum of people in various locations of the world causing them to experience a victorious and purposeful life in the word.

He ministers strongly under a great prophetic unction bringing the reality of God’s mind and eternal counsel alive in the hearts of all who hear him. His ministration carries a propelling aura of divine glory and tangibility of God’s power causing men to stand perfect and complete in all of God’s will.

Pastor Danny is the presbyter in charge of the I.T Ministry, Mustard seeds, Lighting Ministry, Video Ministry, Audio Ministry, Power Ministry and the Bookshop Unit. He tops it all up as Head of Marketing and Communications of the Commission

Pastor Ernest Brempong-Kusi

Pastor ErnestThere are men in the kingdom of God whose parts of the Ministry are rare; albeit they are gems in whose revealing testifies of God’s quick work in the end time. Of such men, stands quite phenomenally, Pastor Ernest Brempong-Kusi. Having been in ministry over 7 years, Pastor Ernest comes across as a rare minister in the body of Christ known for his unique communication of profound and deep truths in the Word of God.

As a keen and trusted consignee of the Spirit’s wisdom and revelatory package, Pastor Ernest comes as a whiff of fresh air as he attends diligently to dispensing the good Word of God. He is uniquely adorned with the grace to teach prophetically in the Word.

The grace to unravel sequentially in simple terms, the mind of God, identifies him as one, eager to see the tangibility of God’s dream; where the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms our Lord and His Christ. It is his heartbeat to see men raised and thoroughly furnished to take over the systems of his world for our Lord through kingdom prosperity; an area of Truth of which he stands as an able Teacher and a herald. He is a healing minister with accompanying records of awesome miracles and healing. He is the Presbyter in charge of Potter’s Wheel and Publishing Ministries of this great Commission.

Pastor Emmanuel Dorleku

Pastor Emmanuel Dorleku is a blessed ministry gift to the body of Christ. He has a burning desire for the world to know the truth of the gospel of Christ and to have a share in the abundant life available to us in Christ Jesus. He seeks to see the lost found, the sinner saved, the sick healed, the weak made strong and the poor made rich toward God.
Pastor Emmanuel believes strongly in the preaching of the gospel of Christ with demonstration of the Spirit and power as confirmation of the word preached. He motivates people to find their purpose in God and strive to accomplish the work ordained for them by God. For him, just as the Father sent Jesus into the world, so has Jesus sent us also into the world. Therefore, just as they saw the Father in Jesus, so must the world see Jesus in us.
Pastor Emmanuel is the pastor in charge of the Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated (CCI) network in Accra.

Pastor Richmond Opoku

All men in ministry are unique in the calling nevertheless the uniqueness of Ps Richmond registers immediately when one encounters him. His part in the ministry is marked significantly with a rare gift of endearment which is sparked by the credible proof of sound
teaching of the word of God in a flawlessly audience -At such a young age, his love for the Lord and ministry drove him towards a sense of responsiveness to duty and not surprisingly saw him take up with responsibilities in leading
and organising youth for ministerial tasks.
The ease with which he ministers the word is the same that accompanies his ministrations of the Supernatural. The Spirit of the Lord is loudly visible in the notable and electrifying proof of miracles, power, grace and prophetic utterance.
The acme of his calling lies in seeing the best potential in men fully harnessed and thus this deep devotion  drives him towards the deliverance and proclamation of freedom of men in word and in supernatural deed in order to enjoy the abundance of grace. Pastor Richmond Opoku is the Pastor in charge of CCI SUNYANI.

Pastor Ernest Effah

Pastor Ernest Effah is a man with a passionate desire for souls and their maturity into the fullness of Christ. He has been in the ministry for over five years now. With an unparalleled zeal and capacity for prayer, he brings to bear much power and demonstration of the prophetic.

He has an affable nature that makes him endearing to the hearts of many. He is responsible for services and graciously administers the School Outreach Ministry. In addition, he sees to the growth of four mustard seeds: Qorban, UCOMS, KNTC and Pleroma Mustard Seeds. He is married to Pastor Philomena Effah.

Pastor Sitsofe Kang Milung

Pastor Sitsofe Kang Milung, the wife of the Resident Pastor of the Kumasi Network is a mother and pastor at heart. With an endearing smile and warm personality, she embraces all who come to see and nurtures them to grow towards perfection at every stage.

Teaching the word with much simplicity, she drives the message with great grace to the understanding of all. Currently, she serves as the Pastor in Charge of Charisma Mustard Seed, Child Care Ministry and Jesus Touching Kids. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters.

Our Pastors & Ministers

…For all Israel knoweth that thy father is a mighty man, and they which be with him are valiant men. 2 Samuel 17:10 (KJV)

Within the ministerial council of this great commission are valiant men who are supporting the mighty man, Pastor Obed, with the work of God. These mighty men answer to their pastoral call in the capacity of assigned responsibilities and duties. Below are the pastors and ministers of Christ Cosmopolitan Inc and the ministries and mustard seeds that they are responsible for.

Pastor Paul Kofi Baah

In Charge of: Apodeisis and Barakah Mustard Seeds, Choir & Ticketing.

Pastor Emmanuel Osa Noi-Sanar

In Charge of: Chrisma Mustard Seed and I.T Ministry

Pastor Richard

Pastor Richard Adu Asante

In Charge of: Rhema and Tallit Mustards Seeds Hands of Christ Ministry

Pastor Randy

Pastor Ransford Addy

In Charge of: Audio and Power, Lighting and IT Ministries, as well as Shofar and Aleph Mustard Seeds

Pastor Michael Akuamoah Boateng

In Charge of: Doxa Mustard Seed, Ticketing Ministry, Transport & Choir Ministry

Pastor Ebenezer Offrey

In Charge of: Hupernikao & Balal Mustard Seeds, Publishing & Potters Wheel Ministry

Pastor Jacinth Baffour-Adusah

In Charge of: The Belgium Network and Sukkah Mustard Seed.

Pastor Emmanuel Obeng-Addae

Pastor Emefa Amegbletor

Pastor Margaret Antwi-Adjei

Pastor Stephen Otoo

Pastor Louis Atumi


Pastor Elikem Ahadzie

Pastor Michael Kissi-Abrah

Minister Oscar Frimpong

Minister Nii Odoi Glover

In charge of: Orthopodeo & Keruso Mustard Seeds and Protocol Ministry

Minister Gloria Akuamoah Boateng

In Charge of: Koinonia Mustard Seed, Ushering & Telephone Ministry

Minister Vivian Baffour-Adusah

In Charge of: Communication Arts & Translation Ministry

Minister Cecil Lartey

In Charge of: Kabash Mustard Seed and Church Market

Minister Etru Barimah Quansah

In charge of: Proskoneo Mustard Seed and Services and Outreach Ministry