Pastor Obed

Pastor Obed Obeng-Addae

Men who matter to generations, by divine election and appointment, in leading God’s people unto a perfect man in Christ; are those who believe that the prominent feature of their salvation is not only the act of being saved, but more, to answer the high calling of serving Christ as their Lord.

Pastor Obed Obeng-Addae, the president of Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated, is a dissertation of such a fulfillment.
Having built himself with questionings and supernatural encounters with Jesus Christ, his messages are packed with such supernatural flow in revelatory dimensions, towards the fulfillment of the mandate and commission, to raise God a people and declare the divine verities of the newness of life. His emphasis is on the mystery of Christ, and the glorious walk of the new man in Christ.

Pastor Obed preaches the word of God with a unique flow of the spirit. The convictions with which he fulfills the demand of God with each ministration causes his hearers to leave with a sense to re-study the word of God, with a more careful eye for detail, a desire of leaving the elementary principles of the doctrine of Christ and going forth advance-teachings in Christ. With a strong presence that accompanies his part of the ministry and supernatural manifestations of the Spirit’s power and anointing in signs and wonders, he comes as a blessing to many. Simply, Pastor Obed is a happening of impossible phenomenon yet so true.

Pastor Obed with a bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Geodetic Engineering and Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) has set aside all things to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. With this zeal, he’s attained a Ph.D in  Prophetic and Eschatological Hermeneutics and a Doctor of Apologetics (Dr.Apol). He graciously seeks to build after the heavenly pattern in fulfilling the Word of God according to the eternal dispensation of God thrust upon him.
Pastor’s jewel is Pastor Brenda, who serves as a presbyter of the Christ Cosmopolitan Inc. With such a blissful marriage, they have been blessed with three children, by names; Bezaleel Nyamenkwa, Phoebe-Urim and Rufus-Merkaba Kobus.