Decrypting Righteousness: God’s Cannon For Man – Paperback




Over the years, the concept of righteousness has been expounded by many theologians. From Martin Luther’s justification by faith, down through the ages and even for most denominations and Christian movements, righteousness has been a doctrinal mainstay. The earliest expositions on righteousness presented it essentially as the perfection of God’s character and administration. Others posited it to mean the perfection and holiness of God’s nature. Generally, righteousness was presented as the sole preserve of God which is absolutely unattainable by men. As time progressed, increased enlightenment of subsequent generations in the Word of God inspired greater revelation into what constitutes the entirety of righteousness as revealed in the scriptures.

In this book, you will decrypt the complete understanding of God’s canon of righteousness and His plan and purpose for man both in this age and in the ages to come. You will also come to a complete revelation and understanding of thirteen kinds of righteousness revealed in the scriptures and be inspired to live the higher life of righteousness.

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