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The Biblical Anatomy of Dreams: A Classic Prayer Manual

To dream is really not a problem for anybody. However the challenge is understanding the mechanism of dreams and interpreting them to get the exact message they seek to communicate. Averagely, every believer in Christ should be able to decode and interpret dreams because it is explicitly spelt out in the scriptures how dreams are interpreted. Ignorance of this however has plunged many into unfortunate situations which could have easily been averted. This book will give you insight into what dreams are, how they come about and God’s wisdom for interpreting them. As well, you will come to the knowledge of how to easily remember your dreams. As well, the book further expounds on the abnormal phenomenon of spiritual marriage, its types, classification, causes and how it can be handled.


Decrypting Righteousness: God’s Cannon for Man

Over the years, the concept of righteousness has been expounded by many theologians. From Martin Luther’s justification by faith, down through the ages and even for most denominations and Christian movements, righteousness has been a doctrinal mainstay. The earliest expositions on righteousness presented it essentially as a perfection of God’s character and administration. Others posited it to mean the perfection and holiness of God’s nature. Generally, righteousness was presented as the sole preserve of God which is absolutely unattainable by men. As time progressed, increased enlightenment of subsequent generations in the Word of God inspired greater revelation into what constitutes the entirety of righteousness as revealed in the scriptures.
His plan and purpose for man both in this age and the ages to come. You will also come to a complete revelation and understanding of thirteen kinds of righteousness revealed in the scriptures and be inspired to live the higher life of righteousness.


Conquering Marine Spirits

In this era of technological advancement, we often see in the cinema images of bizarre creatures purported to live in the seas and other water bodies. Numerous people brush it off as legend or fiction. The understanding of most people, from time immemorial, has centred only on the knowledge that the sea and other water bodies are the habitation of creatures that generally have gills, scales and fins, broadly classified as fishes. Beyond this however, there is evident proof in the scriptures that there are other fishes or creatures unseen to the naked eye inhabiting the water bodies of this earth. There is an entire realm bustling with great activity at the bottom of the oceans, rivers and lakes that have a consequent effect on the inhabitants of the land. Every person on this earth must be aware of this fact. In this book is revealed truths pertaining to the element of water which most of the world lives in ignorance of, as well as the reality about the diverse mystical creatures living within the depths of the oceans, rivers and lakes and the centrality of their activities in that realm. Further, in this book, you will come to the knowledge of how to quash the onslaught of the marine world and live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.


EPISTERIZO: Confirmational Realities in the New Life

­The ability of any system to stand the test of time is premised on the sturdiness of its foundation. If the foundation is shaky, the entire system will soon come crumbling down. ­The experience of being born again is foundational to the faith of Jesus Christ. It is the first experience that positions a man in Christ Jesus. Consequently, the quality of a man’s experience in God is predetermined by his understanding of this doctrine first, and other realities expounded concerning the new life he has received. Unfortunately, the majority of the universal church today do not have a holistic understanding of what it means to be born again and are mostly ignorant of the
realities of the new life in Christ Jesus.


The Fatherhood-Sonship Construct

We live in a world where everything left to itself falls apart because of the fall of our first earthly father and mother being Adam and Eve. The effect of dysfunctional parenting can really go a long way, not only to affect the children involved, but their entire generation as well. The untold consequences of dysfunctional parenting are far reaching; as is their eternal rippling effect being the direct effect of the fall of Adam and Eve. This age-long dysfunctional system has permeated every filial relationship in this world, producing bitter experiences and also marring the perspective with which many view the Fatherhood of God. It seems almost abominable for some, not only to think about fatherhood, but more so, to discuss the topic.


The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom; The Hidden Elixir of Life

That you have picked this book is a true and definite proof that you are hungry to see the creative acts of God manifest in your life and to understand the way to make the creative energies of God pour forth in
your hands as mighty testimonies.

The universe has secrets and these secrets are contained in Wisdom. The entire expanse of the creative works of God from age to age have been the emanations of Wisdom.


Overpowering Demonic Cobwebs

“Spider Man” is an actual play out of the reality that surrounds s as men.
There is more to life than meets the eye. Many happenstances in this world are provoked by forces which are not visible to the naked eye. Yet, these powers have afflicted many believers and unbelievers alike due to ignorance.

This timely book; Exposing and Overpowering DEMONIC COBWEBS, exposes the evil spider spirit possessed by men classified as spider men. The phenomenon of cobweb manipulation is one of the most lethal instruments of
divination that is employed in the dark world against believers and humanity in general to wrought many malicious deeds. Though there are many instruments of divination, this mechanism is responsible for the caging and carnage of myriads of destinies and souls of men, both in and out of the church.