What are the 4 principal phases of the Moon? How do you engage the Moon as a witness of favour to influence life’s outcomes? What is the secret of life connected to the moon? Pastor Obed brings hitherto unknown insight into the workings of the Moon in our lives.

Why is the MOON the life door to abundance? Why do unbelievers have much interest in the motions of the Moon? What is the Lunar High Potential Belt and its impact on creation? How do the 4 Cosmic Principles of the WATER, AIR, EARTH and FIRE related to the Moon?

What are the Hebrew Aleph-bet, God combined in creating the Moon? Why did the disciples make a great catch of fish from the sea at the Word of JESUS? How to engage the moon as God’s providential care?

How can you harness the influence of the Moon for speed in life? What is the SELF of God? How can you engage in meditation to reveal God’s glory in your life?