Pastor Mrs Brenda Obeng-Addae

IMG_2530With a strong and unique prophetic unction, Pastor Mrs. Brenda Obeng- Addae has over the years become a huge influence in the lives of her hearers and the generation at large. She reaches out directly to the hearts of her listeners with the word of God in a unique style. With colourful illustrations of life, coupled with her cutting-edge insight in the word of God and refreshing sense of humour, she teaches and inspires many souls.

Pastor Brenda is a phenomenal teacher and is significantly acknowledge for her rare grace of supernatural wisdom which accompanies her part in the ministry in family and marital life. With her wholesome teachings and hands-on counselling on daily basis, she brings soothing healing and health to singles, married couples and families. This trait of love for God and man has endeared her to many people as mother, sister, friend and ultimately, a Pastor.

Pastor Brenda as the first lady of the commission is the mother of exuberant Bezaleel and Phoebe-Urim and the wife and partner of Telephone Ministry, Translation Ministry and the Communication Ministry.