Do you have continual sex in dreams? Do you find yourself unable to sustain any fruitful relationship? Are you addicted and under the oppression of pornography? Do you encounter strange beings or masked beings who come to you in dreams? If you are faced with these situations and more, you are likely under the plague of SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE. Watch as PASTOR OBED decodes the genesis of this plague.

What is the family in heaven and on earth? Why did God choose man and rejected Lucifer? Why is there contention on the seed of the woman? Why is spiritual marriage rampant on earth?

Why did the fallen angels come in unto the daughters of men? What was the actual regret of God in making man? Why does evil spiritual marriage move God to jealousy?

Is evil spiritual marriage an end time agenda of Satan? What is the Godly seed? What is the Bible’s reason for divorce? What is the place of the New Jerusalem in the divine scheme of things?

What are the origins of the Nephilim? Are the Nephilim still on earth? What punishment awaits entities involved in spiritual marriage? Why do spirits have an affinity for water?

Who are the Anaks, Rephaim, Emmims and Zamzummims? Is the phenomenon of marrying ghosts real? Does spiritual marriage have consequences on ones household?

Can a believer come under the plague of spiritual marriage? What is the filthiness of the flesh and spirit? How do you cleanse yourself from the filthiness of the flesh and spirit?