On exactly the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you have gathered in the crops of the land, you shall celebrate the feast of the Lord for seven days, with a rest on the first day and a rest on the eighth day. Leviticus 23:39

The Feast of Booths, more commonly known as Tabernacles, is the last feast of the LORD according to Leviticus 23. It is a time of great joy as implied in its other name in Hebrew, Z’man Simchateinu זמן שמחתנו. The High Holy Days are an example of this pattern: We go from repentance (Yom Teruah) to redemption (Yom Kippur) to rejoicing (Sukkot); from sin to salvation; from sorrow to joy; from estrangement to reconciliation; our final destination is God’s tabernacle – His sukkah. Concerning His sukkah (booth/tabernacle), David sang in Psalm 27:5, “For on the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle; He will hide me in the secret place of His tent; He will lift me up on a rock.”

In this classic teaching, the man of God, Pastor Obed details with divine precision the foundations and due manners of the Feast of Tabernacles; Sukkot. He takes a detailed look at Sukkot; explaining the significance of each section. He draws connections to prophecy; the end of the age and New Testament and the Christ reality in Tabernacles.

In this teaching on the Feast of Tabernacles; Sukkot, the man of God, Pastor Obed deals with details of a key feature of the feast; the Lulav. The word of God reveals that we are required to take one palm branch “lulav”, one fruit “etrog”, two willow branches “aravot”, and three myrtle branches “hadassim”. In relation the acquiring these four species, we are taught that to properly fulfill the mitzvah of the four species we must wave them in six directions. What is the meaning behind the four species and why are we required to wave them in six directions? Join Pastor Obed as he explains the answer in The Lulav & Why Jesus Was Born At Tabernacles!

Coming from a hitherto unheralded perspective and interpretation of Scripture, the man of God, Pastor Obed brings revelation to bear in settling the matter of tithe. He shows with explicit scriptural proof the value and essence of the tithe as it relates to the feasts of the Lord; he presents the significance of the tithe in fulfilling the demands of heaven concerning the feasts. You will be blessed and revolutionized in your understanding as you watch.