Pastor David Antwi-Adjei

Pastor David, with a gripping compassion for the lost and a passionate desire for the Word to be revealed to all men, stands as a mighty pillar in this Commission.

As a Presbyter, Pastor David spearheads the Local and International Missionary operations of the Commission and also in charge of the Hands of Christ ministry. He is a man who lives the word of God and fully preaches the gospel; revealing the love of Christ accompanied with signs and wonders.

On one hand, the Evangelist is gifted with a rare anointed therapeutic sense of humour which he exudes in demystifying mysteries in the Word and also enlivening his hearers. On the other hand, his sheer exhibition and life of faith is nothing short of audacity – a challenge to flesh and the devil. He is held in much regard by hearers who esteem this grace to simply inspire faith in their hearts as unique.

Pastor David is the loving husband of Elder Dr. Margaret Antwi-Agyei and father to two wonderful sons: Joseph Nyamesem and Yitshar Nyamenipa. He is a Medical Doctor by profession but lives humbly and passionately as the Evangelist of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor David is a purpose-driven man who exceptionally exhibits a passion for God that is simply contagious. He recognizes his place not merely as one called but also a gift to the body of Christ.