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1. CCI Ticketing Process/ Healing and Miracle Line is the sole right and initiative of the CCI Commission.

2. We reserve the right to withhold or cancel any of our scheduled services with or without your prior notice.

3. The whole Ticketing Process is recorded and archived. We reserve the sole right to use any part of the recording for the purposes of preaching and exhortation on any CCI platform and airing on any media including Radio stations, Television, Internet, and Satellite.

4. Receiving a miracle depends on your faith and the step of faith you take before, during and after the ministration. We are therefore not liable for failure to receive your miracle after the entire ministration process.

5. The ministration is not to be taken as a ground for refusing or failing to seek medical attention after going through the Ticketing Process.

6. Testifying after receiving your miracle is MANDATORY; it is important for the sealing of your miracle.

7. CCI shall not take any liability for your failure to keep your testimony or miracle.

8. You are expected to comply with directions/ instructions given before, during and after the ministration process.

9. The ministration process is free and your decision to partake in the process is taken as your consent to be bound by the above terms and conditions hereby reserved.

One-Time Partnership seed (OTPs)

Kindly note that the amount you are giving is in support of Cosmopolitan TV, the television ministry of Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated.