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There is a phenomenon – as common as rain and yet elusive to many – known as Spiritual Marriage. Frequently, its manifestation has been described to be sexual activities taking place in dreams, yet, some have even reported that while they were awake, they had the experience of spiritual beings walking up to them to have sexual relations with them.

In the few years of my experience and exposure in ministry,

I have realized that spiritual marriage is a common recurring spiritual plague found in almost every location on earth, both among unbelievers and believers. It is an evil phenomenon that steals the peace and joy of men in life and practically robs and defrauds believers of their rights in Christ. Even though

it is a widespread canker, sections of the body of Christ deny its existence while others who are aware of its existence are inadequately equipped with the precise scriptural means of handling it.

This book is an outstanding tool in the hands of any believer to understand and halt the plague of spiritual marriage.

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