In The Defence of the Tithe: The Up-To-Date Truth – ebook


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This book is a must-read for every seeker of truth in Christ. It draws inspiration from the Holy Writ and presents an apologia in defence of tithing, in a profound way yet unseen. There are many reasons why believers tithe. For some, it is a religiously ingrained practice in them founded on the traditions of their church. Even without an in-depth biblical understanding of tithing, many believers have been tithers most of their lives. Others also tithe out of a sense of trepidation, owing to the terrifying sermons of their preachers, in order to avoid “the curse” of refusing to tithe. But what does the Bible say?

  • What is the origin of tithing?
  • Must we follow Abraham’s example of tithing as believers?
  • Deuteronomy 14:22-26 commanded the Israelites to spend their tithes – Shouldn’t we spend our tithes on ourselves too as believers?
  • Did Jesus, His disciples and the Early Church give tithes?
  • Must we tithe as believers in Christ?
  • Is tithing not obsolete since we live under a New Covenant?

Drawn from the very breadth of God, In Defence of the Tithe will take you through every verse of Scripture on tithing, to settle you in the truth and answer these common questions that are asked about tithing.


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