Toolbox: The Mechanics of Spirit-Technology & Fortification – Paperback


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In the field of Mechanical Engineering, a technician could be halted right in his tracks because he lacks a simple tool like a spanner. No matter his strength and efforts, he cannot use his bare hands to unbolt a tightly fit machine. Likewise, a 250-plus pound man cannot lift a vehicle but a child with a jackscrew can. This is the power of tools, and such is the walk of our faith. There are very simple, and yet, relevant nuggets of knowledge that will make your life, as a believer, a whole lot easier, more comfortable and more progressive. This book is a bag of tools that will make your spiritual life more meaningful and effective.

Cardinal themes such as Altars, High Places, Gates, Foundations, Pillars, Thrones, Sceptres, Walls and Bulwarks have been discussed. What do these things mean to us today? One must not talk to many believers in this church age before he learns that these subject matters are vastly unknown or simply relegated to the era of the Old Testament. Meanwhile, these par- amount building blocks on which every formidable kingdom is constructed. The unravelling of these topics is ushering you into a realm, where you can live an indemnified life against the attack and wiles of the evil one. Through the knowledge of altars, you can actually establish a perpetual spiritual legislature that would combat and disarm every evil foundation in your genealogy.

As you read, you will gain an understanding of many of the things happening around you from a spiritual perspective. You will be awakened to the angelic realm to see how close it functions around us. Moreover, the dark operations and devices of the evil one will be exposed to you, for Satan not to have an advantage over you.

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