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In this era of technological advancement, we often see in the cinema images of bizarre creatures purported to live in the seas and other water bodies. Numerous people brush it off as legend or fiction. The understanding of most people, from time immemorial, has centered only on the knowledge that the sea and other water bodies are the habitation of creatures that generally have gills, scales and fins, broadly classified as fishes. Beyond this however, there is evident proof in the scriptures that there are other fishes or creatures unseen to the naked eye inhabiting the water bodies of this earth. There is an entire realm bustling with great activity at the bottom of the oceans, rivers and lakes that have a consequent effect on the inhabitants of the land. Every person on this earth must be aware of this fact.

In this book is revealed truths pertaining to the element of water which most of the world lives in ignorance of, as well as the reality about the diverse mystical creatures living within the depths of the oceans, rivers and lakes and the centrality of their activities in that realm. Further, in this book, you will come to the knowledge of how to quash the onslaught of the marine world and live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

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