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The world is an enclave of several strange phenomena which even the most advanced inventions and discoveries in science can neither remedy nor explain. Such enigmatic and baffling events defy all scientific principles and perplex even the most intelligent of minds. Day by day, several people, believers and unbelievers alike, fall victim to malignant situations, the genesis of which they cannot explain; the complexities of which they can neither fathom nor begin to resolve. There are happenstances in life which can neither be explained nor remedied by human wisdom. This clearly evinces that there is more to this universe than meets the physical eye. The bane and downfall of many people in this life is their ignorance of the existent reality of a realm which is invisible to the optical eye but dictates and controls affairs in the visible or physical realm. This book, That Evil Pot Must Break, will bring you to the knowledge of the existent reality of a phenomenon in this universe called a caldron/pot and its various dimensions, both godly and satanic.


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